Audits and Wellbeing Planning

Robust outcome analysis of existing campaigns, assisting with future programme planning

Wellbeing Audits

Data capture and anonymised wellbeing reports are an excellent audit tool to help organisations evaluate their wellbeing campaigns. This valuable tool facilitates evidence based decisions when developing wellbeing campaigns and targeting resources for maximum impact.

Data is generated from our health screening clinics and allows us to capture health data such as:
blood pressure risk analysis, body fat percentage, blood lipid and glucose risks, alcohol, smoking, fruit and vegetable consumption and activity levels.

Our reports also include useful information that gives a firm understanding of real risk of employees developing longterm health conditions, your workforce’s workstyle risks compared to national and local demographics, recommendations using internal and external resources and a final summary. We submit our reports electronically.

Examples of data comparisons pre and post wellbeing campaign

Wellbeing audits deliver:

Cost effective, high impact, simple occupational health intervention

Positive steps in reducing workplace ill health

A valuable audit tool with which to make evidence based decisions

Wellbeing campaigns that target your resources for maximum positive health impact

Programme Planning

Our programme planning services match your organisation’s aims with the health needs of your workforce. We are experts in dovetailing national campaigns with in-house targets to deliver high yield, positive impact in improved performance.

Five key steps to sustainable wellbeing: Health & wellbeing programmes
are integral to the overall strategic aims, direction and culture of your business

Examples of data comparisons pre and post wellbeing campaign