Case Studies

Customer Profile
Headquarters London, United Kingdom
Industry Government Administration
Type Government Agency
Company Size 5,500 employees
Common Job Titles Manager 8%
Project Manager 4%
Social Worker 4%
Teacher 4%
Project Officer 3%

Customer aims:

  • improve employee health
  • reduce sickness absence
  • shorten recovery period after sick leave
  • increase employee productivity

Customer requirements:

  • cost effective intervention
  • delivery at sites with
    easy access for all staff
  • delivery during times
    to suit operational demands
  • supporting existing
    in house health events
  • evidence based, clear
    health messaging

Our Services:

  • overview of existing health related corporate social responsibilityevents,sickness absence demographics and employee health profiles
  • advice on how to address health issues
  • research national health trend databases and
    current campaigns
  • outline plan of proposed work and content
  • research and development of agreed content
  • peer review by consultant in public health and
    experienced nurse clinicians
  • final sign off by customer

Our Delivery:

  • PowerPoint presentation by
    nurse consultant at 3 specified sites
  • midweek events, within office
    hours as requested by customer
  • hands-on demonstration sessions
    to ensure effective health messaging
  • quiz and self assessment
    sections encouraging self reflection
  • question and answer session
    ensuring attendees opportunities
    to discuss health concerns
  • provision of supporting health
    literature and further sources
    of information
  • statistical feedback and report
    provided to customer

Our Customer said….

The Health & Vitality workshops were well organised and delivered. The trainer was very professional and knowledgeable on the subject matter. It was highly valued by staff and definitely value for money for the organisation…

Examples of Quantitative feedback:

Overall attendee customer satisfaction rate was 94%. 100% of our attendees either strongly agreed or agreed with the following statements:

  • I have a better understanding of how to improve my health
  • I am going to make at least one healthy change to my life
  • The presenter was easy to understand and communicated well
  • I would recommend the workshop to other staff

Examples of Qualitative feedback:

What did you find most useful in the workshop?

  • Information on different types of healthy foods
  • The question and answer sessions
  • The volunteer demonstrations
  • Information on what I can do to stay healthy and what an unhealthy lifestyle can cause
  • Methods to introduce healthy eating and activity into my life
  • Learning more about diabetes
  • The measurement of alcohol units
  • Understanding the risks of obesity
Further comments from our customers:

  • I thoroughly enjoyed the health training session and have obtained a wealth of healthy advice
  • Excellent workshop, very informative with a presenter who is able to deliver and effectively communicate with attendees
  • I think this is an effective workshop that should be rolled out to the full workforce to improve employee health
  • This should be presented to the nation as a whole within various communities, schools and leisure centres