Diabetes Facts from Fiction: #FiveFastFacts

This week marks Diabetes Week. Our second blog focuses on sorting the Facts from Fiction around Type 2 Diabetes.
Healthy Tomato welcomes you to another in our series on  Five Fast Facts.

Fact or Fiction 1: Diabetes is caused by too much sugar


It is difficult to be conclusive when identifying a cause for this disease because a number of contributing factors are usually present.

Factors that contribute to your risk of developing this disease are:

Carrying too much excess body fat
Having high blood pressure or cholesterol
Having a close family member with type 2 diabetes
Having previously had gestational diabetes

Fact or Fiction 2: Only older people get Type 2 Diabetes


Not so long ago, this was a widely accepted fact. What we know now is that people are developing this disease at a younger age; there are some cases of children developing this form of diabetes. If you are over the age of 25 and of the following heritage you are at an increased risk: south Asian, Chinese, African-Caribbean or African. This risk remains even if you were born in the UK.

Fact or Fiction 3: Type 2 Diabetes is less serious than Type 1

Fiction :

All forms of this long term condition are serious.

Having regular check-ups is essential to avoid the increased risk of complications of Diabetes :

heart disease and stroke
loss of feeling and pain (nerve damage) – causing problems with sex
foot problems – sores and infections
vision loss and blindness
miscarriage and stillbirth
problems with your kidneys

Fact From Fiction 4: You only need insulin injections if you have Type 1 Diabetes


Generally speaking, most newly diagnosed Type 2 diabetes is managed with lifestyle change (becoming more active, improving your diet and loosing weight). However as the disease progresses, further intervention is required and includes multiple tablets to lower your blood glucose and regular insulin injections.

Fact from Fiction 5: Diabetes can be cured


Well we aren’t quite there yet. Some studies have shown that in newly diagnosed Type 2 Diabetics, a very strict low calorie diet can override the disease temporarily if not permanently. However very low calorie diets should only be embarked upon under medical supervision and if not followed correctly, can put your health at very high risk.

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