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Diabetes Facts from Fiction: #FiveFastFacts

This week marks Diabetes Week. Our second blog focuses on sorting…
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Diabetes Week: Five Fast Facts

Healthy Tomato invites you to read our latest blog on Five Fast Facts on Type 2 Diabetes.

Why post-menopausal women should keep an eye on their waistline

After the age of 50 some women experience not only  weight…
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More on BMI vs. Waist Circumference

For all who requested further information, Healthy Tomato is…
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The ABC rule of Exercise

In this blog we look at physical activity. We all know that…

Five Fast Facts about Waist Circumference

In our recent blog, we provided Five Fast Facts on Body Mass…

The Demise of Father Christmas – Waist Circumference and Dementia

Who killed Father Christmas? Sadly we’re all guilty. Should…